Descriptive Prompt #4: Gone

I really enjoy post-apocalyptic stories. Sometimes, they're overdone. Man-eating mutants seem to be a staple of the genre, with the remaining bits of humanity clinging to whatever livelihoods they can. There are lots of great video games with this setting, a fair number of decent movies, and maybe a handful of books that pull it … Continue reading Descriptive Prompt #4: Gone

Descriptive Prompt #3: Concrete Rain

This writing prompt image is a little different from the previous ones in that it shows a human presence. Still, this nature theme I've taken an interest in is present here. I don't normally think of the concrete jungle as a part of nature, but the roiling storm here shatters that illusion. I felt like … Continue reading Descriptive Prompt #3: Concrete Rain

Have Zombies Overstayed Their Welcome? (Part I)

If you haven’t heard about zombies, you should get out of the house more often. The days of Godzilla, Frankenstein’s monster, and the Mummy have largely passed. I’m interested in talking about zombies as a subject because of the growth of the genre’s popularity in my lifetime. As a kid, I rarely heard about cult … Continue reading Have Zombies Overstayed Their Welcome? (Part I)

Descriptive Prompt #2: Sunset Lake

Good morning, you ambitious writing beasts! I have included another picture here for the Descriptive Prompt series. For an example of how this works, see my previous article, "The Tree." I, as the lone contributor last time, included my description in the comments section. I will do the same here in short order. Since I … Continue reading Descriptive Prompt #2: Sunset Lake