Descriptive Prompt #5: Remote

I take a lot of inspiration from nature. One benefit of living in Wyoming is experiencing the bizarre landscapes we have here. Most places, admittedly, are characterized by a wide, desolate feeling. Our brief “green” season looks somewhat like that weird landscape that Microsoft pushed with one of its older operating systems back in the day, just less artificial. Most of the time, our countryside is represented more by a single tan/brown hue. However, our mountains are a whole other animal altogether.

The Rockies run right through the West side of the state, North to South. They’re more interesting to look at.

grand-tetons-2699944_1280I’ve digressed a bit since this is another writing prompt post, but I bring these things up because I think nature is a really rich source for writing inspiration. I’m a very visual person, so I write my scenes so that they come to life in my mind (and hopefully my reader’s). Any time I can see landscapes different from those I usually experience, it really sparks my imagination. Most of the pictures in this series fall under that category.

I’ve talked enough, however. Using the image of the vibrant canyon at the top of this post, write a short passage about something this picture evokes for you. As always, I welcome comments and would be interested to read what you write.

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