Descriptive Prompt #2: Sunset Lake

Good morning, you ambitious writing beasts! I have included another picture here for the Descriptive Prompt series. For an example of how this works, see my previous article, “The Tree.” I, as the lone contributor last time, included my description in the comments section. I will do the same here in short order. Since I received no critiques or suggestions, that must mean it was absolutely perfect… right?

This is a great opportunity to share your descriptive ability with the larger world. Consider posting in the comments, where I will almost definitely provide feedback as a writer/reader on the effectiveness of your impromptu work.

To those of you who told me that you tried… the words of the great Yoda were: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Just do it!

One thought on “Descriptive Prompt #2: Sunset Lake

  1. In the last fading rays of the sun’s light, the water’s surface took on the hue of a dying fire. The encircling rocky crags dissolved into encroaching darkness until only their outlines remained. A sudden chill descended on the lake. Far off, the cry of a lonesome bird broke the silence only to end abruptly, its echo reverberating between the jagged teeth of the hills. As the last light of the sun vanished over the horizon, a heavy stillness settled over the barren place.


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