Welcome to the Club…

As an inaugural post, I’ll try to keep this short, sweet, and informative. Given that this is the very beginning of our writing journey, I have a few ideas about how we’ll manage talking about content, writing news, and the fickle fancies of creative writing as a profession.

At this moment, post content is planned to fall into at least one of a variety of topics:

  • Creative Process
  • Publishing
  • Collaborative revision
  • Storyboarding
  • Fights over grammar and punctuation

You get the idea. In the course of my personal writing journey, I’ve met dozens of people with the same dream as me. While money is a significant draw to aspiring authors (who dream of that phat publishing check), the reality is that this endeavor is characterized most by sweat, tears, and the occasional fit of rage we have when nobody’s watching.

Based on my talks with writers in all stages of the publishing process, these experiences are normal. In fact, if you’re here to find out the secret to publishing a New York Times Bestseller on your first try, you should probably look elsewhere. The huge majority of writers labor in obscurity for years before making their big break. We’ll talk about some of them later.

Have I had my own break yet? No. Do I expect it? I do–and not because I’m especially skilled or connected as a writer, but because this game is all about patience and persistence. That’s what the experts say. I’m on my third novel. No Hollywood star for me yet.

I invite you, fellow Rookies, to join me in this process. With luck, some of us will succeed. Others will fall along the way, having been bested by the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” (Hamlet, 3.1.1751). At the very least, we’ll have some fun.

Niceties aside, brace yourselves. We’ll be jumping write into it shortly.

With Regards,

The Idiot Author

P.S. Please feel free to send a message via the Contacts page if you have a sheer stroke of genius I can take credit for. I’m kidding, but seriously… I guess if you have a question, I can try to answer that too.

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