Are Video Games Really so Different from Books?

Without any further talk, I can probably name a dozen people that steadfastly hold to the extreme position on one end or the other of this argument. Are video games really that different from books? I love both, for different reasons. Books and games fulfill slightly different parts of me. I think it's worth noting … Continue reading Are Video Games Really so Different from Books?

Descriptive Prompt #5: Remote

I take a lot of inspiration from nature. One benefit of living in Wyoming is experiencing the bizarre landscapes we have here. Most places, admittedly, are characterized by a wide, desolate feeling. Our brief "green" season looks somewhat like that weird landscape that Microsoft pushed with one of its older operating systems back in the … Continue reading Descriptive Prompt #5: Remote

Descriptive Prompt #4: Gone

I really enjoy post-apocalyptic stories. Sometimes, they're overdone. Man-eating mutants seem to be a staple of the genre, with the remaining bits of humanity clinging to whatever livelihoods they can. There are lots of great video games with this setting, a fair number of decent movies, and maybe a handful of books that pull it … Continue reading Descriptive Prompt #4: Gone